The egg restaurant franchise opportunity

deviled-eggs-collageSearching for egg restaurant franchise in India? If you want to explore new foodservice segments, Andeywala is perfect brand to kick-start career. One of the most things of investing in a franchise is systematically doing your research. But with Andeywala, you’ve certain benefits:

  1. Opportunity to work with well-established brand: Over past few years, perception of people regarding food consumption has been changed. Demands of nutritious foods that contain green vegetables, natural ingredients, don’t factory-made preservatives, and health hygiene. Egg restaurant franchise is worth investment as in coming future consumption of egg-based dishes will certainly become double.
  2. Iconic menu: Andeywala, since its inception has produced fantastic egg dishes like half fry, quick bites, omelette, egg salads and bhurji. All cuisines are the result of outstanding efforts, ingredients use to make dishes are tested, tried and quality team also check it regularly.
  3. Turnkey solution: You are inexperience; don’t know how to operate egg restaurant franchise. We’ve solutions for every problem, we provide extensive support in:
  • Marketing, training and business plan
  • Site selection or location search
  • Store designing, furniture colour
  • IT equipment set up
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Billing system
  • Branding
  • Grand opening
  1. Flexibility: Company does not put any kind of pressure on franchisee; in addition provide comprehensive marketing support to increase sales. FOFO (franchise owned franchise operated) is main focus of Andeywala.
  2. Build own store: The total investment depend on the model you are choosing, but it can vary from 5 lakh to 18 lakh. There are various models that can generate effective revenue.

Andeywala is unique concept which is completely difference as compared to other foodservice players. In this global business environment it is critical to bring best cuisines on dining tables to retain customers for longer time period. Egg restaurant franchise is designed to serve both people who love egg dishes and investors who want something extraordinary. Starting a new food business can be challenging for individuals that don’t have prior experience, but proven and tested business models will ease the problems. Andeywala is committed to assist franchisees not only during initial days but also throughout the franchise agreement period. Franchisees will be benefitted from values and culture developed by the brand.At present, food truck model is running successfully in different locations across the Indian states with great acclaim and the brand is also planning to set up stores as well.


Proven digital marketing strategies to improve egg franchise sales

egg-avocado-toast-plate_hBuilding brand awareness in online marketplace is getting tough owing to entry of numerous companies in every sector such as food franchise, entertainment, automobile, etc. Today we’re discussing about various digital marketing concepts, techniques or strategies which can be helpful to improve profitability of egg franchise. Before investing in internet marketing identify products or services that produces high profit and popular among customers. One more thing tracks your sales growth to identify the areas of improvement. Changing consumption pattern, urbanization, digitalization and globalization are key drivers in foodservice industry. In addition, as per experts, to beat competitors you need to improve your product or services rather investing money in branding and also delivery must be faster than counterparts.

Create online presence

Internet marketing starts, when you have a user friendly website. It is critical to consult with certified professional to find suitable keyword. For example, egg franchise, egg business, egg restaurant, etc. mostly used by people while searching for egg-based business.

Know target audience: Target audience is your customer. It is necessary to recognize what customer wants and how they spend. Digital marketing is completely based on content and graphics so it is crucial to create best info graphic.

Social media: largest platform to interact with existing and potential customer on regular basis. As per recent reports, on average a person spend approx. 2 hours with social media websites. Digital marketer team ensure all post must be promotional and customer oriented.

Customer service: Enhance customer service consistently to create a difference. Digital marketing strategies can play crucial role, listing on different online food delivery website may be beneficial.

Andeywala is ideal egg franchise brand which constantly delivers exciting egg franchise opportunities. A team of digital marketing has been working effectively to implement strategies. Join our franchise network for fruitful business.

The best egg dishes only @ Andeywala

andeywalaimagesEggs perhaps the most vital component of your breakfast, in fact they are significant source of high quality protein. At Andeywala we’ve experimented intensely to discover new egg dishes, you like the combination of finest ingredients and eggs. Choice and preferences of consumer vary from region to region, for instance in Southern & northern parts of India you can find different varieties of cuisines made from local ingredients.The typical egg cuisine is served alongside with luscious drinks like cold coffee, blue lagoon, orange masti, etc. whenever you get chance to visit Andeywala. Omelette and bhurji (raw egg cooked with natural ingredients) are totwo main part of menu;base is the platform of your dish, you can choose from various bases such as zappi, burger & sandwich and also fillings like boiled potato, baby corn, spinach & cheese, jalepano, etc. available.

Varieties of Omelette

Omelette is often consumed at breakfast, lunch or sometime at diner as well. In India, it is favourite of many people especially children in early 20s show great interest, tasty omelette recipes explore the taste buds of everyone.

  1. Indian masala: Made from original India-based spices or herbs, the Indian masala. Simply beaten egg fried with natural oil, green chillies, onion, vegetables and other essential ingredients make this recipe a special one.
  2. Jalepano: Whenever you are in Vijayawada don’t miss the opportunity to taste the tasty Jalepano omelette. Jalepano and green peppers, cheese, onion, etc. generally used to prepare this scrumptious delicacy.
  3. French potato: Eggs, diced potato, pepper & other ingredients use to make French potato at Aneywala.
  4. Spanish Omelette: It is delicious, hardly available at local vendors. Andeywala is best player to bring latest egg dishes on dining table.
  5. Sri Lankan omelette: It is a versatile egg dishes that you should never miss. The reinvention of traditional omelette, with few ingredients a delicious Sri Lankan omelette can be prepared at home as well.
  6. Fluffy Cheese omelette:If you want cheesy and fluffy omelette, end your desire at Andeywala.
  7. Russian omelette: potato,& pepper generally used to make Russian omelette.

These are few of the omelette varieties exclusively offer by Andeywala. All recipes around the world have been presented at reasonable rates in QSR format. If you are planning to start egg franchise, don’t forget to serve amazing cuisines to your customer. Low investment, greater return is the objective of egg franchise system.

The egg restaurant franchise: Opportunity of low investment business

Scottish-EggsIn India, the foodservice sector offer the maximum business opportunities, with population over 1.2 billion people in young segment are spending huge amount on eat-out, in fact 50 to 60% of people in age group 18 to 32 years eating-out once or twice in a week. The foodservice sector is as sensitive as there are lots of options available such street food, traditional recipes, Italian, continental, sea food, etc. Expansion of F&B industry is crucial for economic development as it adds value to life of citizens, generate employment and also contribute to foreign investment.In order to fulfil demand of consumer, the egg restaurant franchise concept comes into existence, nutritious egg dishes in different forms offer by companies at reasonable prices. For example, Andeywala is perfect example of modern-day brand that provide exclusive egg-based cuisines

Low investmentopportunity

The last few years have been profitable for Indian foodservice market, number of international players penetrate fastest growing cities such as Mumbai, pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Local players face lots of challenges due to on-going competition thus they reduce investment level, for example new food franchise operators charge franchisee fee around 3 to 5 lakh, low as compared to foreign brands. Whenever you want to start food business choose any of brands of Indian origin. Andeywala has outstandingly deliver amazing business models at low investment like food struck model &express model. Both these models can be replicated in any city across India without any obstacle. These models are revenue churner as people want to eat delicious egg delicacies.

Demand for takeaway and home delivery

Due to busy lifestyle most people demand for quick services. Foodservice players investing huge amount in infrastructure to deliver foods on time, however takeaway culture is also becoming famous among consumers. The egg restaurant franchise is evolving to facilitate nutrition need of consumers.

New trends

In this technology-driven business ecosystem, it is essential to use digital channels to increase brand awareness and sales. Andeywala’s marketing concept is effective as it contain stuffs mostly liked by consumers, for instance free coupons, promotional events, etc. Takeaway and online delivery system has spurred with shifting in lifestyle of work class population. For quick service restaurant players, consistent innovations are core business value and also they need to improve quality of food to build trust with customers. Are you planning an egg restaurant franchise? Do proper research to analyse consumer behaviour.

How egg business drives profits

20160317-croque-monsier-madam-vicky-wasik-10To establish a profitable egg business, you must analysis current market condition and understand target customer’s behaviour and consumption pattern. We’re discussing about egg restaurant business prospective in coming future. If you are new to foodservice sector choose franchising route as it is stress-free because someone has already tested it. Egg restaurant concept is profitable, enticing & sumptuous as no brand in India ever dared to offer egg based dishes only. You can generate lots of profit by offering delicious cuisines in organized format. Before investing in any business venture, check what competitors are offering.

Competitor analysis

Food franchise sector is so vast, various categories existing viz. street food, fast food, coffee, vegan and non-vegan & traditional restaurants. Egg business is different segment as compared to rest. As per recent reports, consumption & production of eggs globally has been doubled in comparison with previous years. It is good news for people who want to set up egg restaurant. In India, the organized market is accounted for 30% only that means local vendors operate from public areas, corporate offices, schools & colleges provide egg dishes. In addition, food struck concept is also getting popular these days; for example, Andeywala’s food struck is running successfully in Vijaywada (Andhra Pradesh). At present there are around 50 to 60 well-known brands that offer egg dishes in QSR format.

Fulfil customer expectation

Scrambled, fried, poached or omelette are few of forms which is mostly served by local vendors. But today’s customer like more varieties on dining table they want to explore their taste buds and also demand for cleanliness and freshness. It is well said, ‘business will only successful when your customer will happy with products or services’. Andeywala’s motto is to deliver world-class cuisines prepared by natural ingredients, herbs or spices.

Quality eggs

Every country has its own culture and traditions, in some nationegg of various demanded by people such as turkey, duck, quail, emu, chickens, etc. In India Chicken egg is mostly consumed, and it also varies from region to region. To make delicious egg dish you should search local vendor who can deliver regularly.

Delicious recipes

It is the preparation method that makes a dish ordinary or extraordinary. At Andeywala efforts have been put to create new dishes so that people will become happy and quench their hunger. It is to be concluded that revenue will generate enormously when you offer best services and high quality recipes.

Quality egg dishes at good Andeywala

16COOKING-HASHWITHEGG1-articleLargeEgg restaurant concept is getting popular day-by-day, healthy diets have become significant due to lifestyle. Tremendous innovations observed in culinary spectrum over past few years, earlier there few restaurants but now anybody can enjoy delicious foods from different corners of the world in India. Global brands are taking interest to serve Indian population; they saw profitable business opportunities in fast-growing local markets. Egg Restaurant are widely consumed across the world or simply eggs available in various forms such as scrambled, poached, fried, soft-boiled, omelettes and many more. In fact, there is no specific time to enjoy delicious egg dishes; breakfast, lunch or dinner and it can also take as a snack. People these days want to enjoy each bite as they focus on quality rather than money. Enticing flavourful cuisines made from eggs form an integral part of everyday life. Andeywala, egg franchise inspired by modern-day lifestyle, has achieved popularity due to its quality foods and services.

Changing consumer’s food choice

It is difficult for food players to adjust as per consumer’s demands. As per recent reports, in India number of food options available, customer can easily shift to another one at any point of time. Hence research will be necessary in order to couple with consumers. Andeywala is continuing analyse market, try to bring new flavours, delicious egg dishes with 100% authentic ingredients. More than half of world’s population is eating eggs on daily basis, consistent increment registered in production & consumption. Moreover, every year world egg day celebrate on the second Friday of October. For decades, eggs have played vital role in daily routine meals; they are easily available source of valuable proteins & vitamins. In this technology driven world, people want quick services, nutritious foods at reasonable prices. Thus eggs could be best naturally obtained commodity around the globe.

Benefits of investment in egg franchise

egg_yolk_avo_toast_0Food business in today’s time period can be established easily as there are various brands that offer franchise opportunities. Individuals should focus on basic fundamentals to become successful such as:

  • Know your customer: Desired goals will be achieved when satisfy the target market. Foodservice sector is competitive; customer’s bargaining power increased due to availability of number of brands.
  • Build relationship: Primary and secondary are two types of stakeholders that indirectly or directly associate with company. In this food business you need to fulfil needs of employees as well as customers.
  • Promotions: In this technology-driven world it is essential to utilize online platform to promote products or services. Digital marketing techniques are effective, inexpensive and result-oriented.
  • Steady growth: foodservice sector is already crowded with popular brands, in order to beat these brands you must focus on innovations and R&D.

Above mentioned points could be beneficial to run an egg franchise in your desired location. Eggs are vital source of valuable proteins, vitamins &minerals; moreover food operators have introduced lucrative egg-based cuisines that can be consumed during breakfast, lunch & dinner. Varieties of egg dishes produced around the world but in India only limited recipes you can find. To develop a well-known egg franchise you should aware about benefits:

  • Low start-up cost: Indian landscape is dominated majorly by fast food players but huge investment will require setting up a luxurious restaurant. Egg franchise offer by Andeywala is cost-effective as well as money-making concept. Low investment, around 6 to 10 lakh will require, moreover royalty charge by brand is also low as compared to other foodservice brands.
  • Raw material access: Eggs are available across the country at reasonable rates. You only focus on logistics so that quality eggs will deliver to store without any trouble.
  • Marketing fund:Few of companies that exclusively offer egg dishes. Andeywala provides marketing support as well as create promotional strategies to attract customers.
  • Long term business:As per recent reports, food business operators are shutting stores due to lack of customer footfall. But in egg restaurant business is never ending process as people consistently consume eggs.
  • Future opportunities: People these days eat nutritious foods in organized foodservice formats. Andeywala’s egg franchise model is best to establish food business.

It goes without saying that India is one of the ideal nations for food related investment. You can easily start own egg franchise with Andeywala. The brand offer amazing food career opportunities.

Now enjoy lip-smacking egg cuisines at egg restaurant

Eraser copyRemarkable things happened in course of one decade specifically in foodservice sector; in fact,noteworthy revisions have been observed in consumption of foods available in restaurants.In different geographic locations around the globe, you can enjoy amazing varieties of cuisines made by ingredients available in local regions. Eating fresh, healthy &quality cuisines is always effective to remain active throughout the day; although food operators consider that research activities are significant, to serve innovative eatables to the customers. Egg restaurant is the modern-day invention, generally, has come into existence to deliver wide range of recipes prepared from eggs. Andeywala, the most affordable egg restaurant franchise and first one to bring internationally inspired mouth-watering cuisines.

Egg restaurant notion: Foodservice operators now-a-days have concentrated on different segments to cater demands of consumer. The egg restaurant concept is designed especially for people who want to eat egg-based dishes but in non-vegan restaurants, to be precise, they demand a separate food house to enjoy wide-range of meals developed by eggs. Andeywala is the only brand which has started commercial operations to serve traditional Indian egg recipes in different forms. However, as compared to brands that offer traditional dishes, the egg franchise created by Andeywala is profitable. If you want to start food business and curious to bring something unique to the market, you must focus on egg restaurant.

Direction to begin your journey

Ready-to-operate business means franchising, individuals who don’t want to start from scratch must emphasize on franchise business models. The egg restaurant franchise is low investment, high quality and money-making concept which can be implemented in different locations around the nation without any trouble. Andeywala’s model is adaptive to Indian environment, menu is excellent and also it provides tremendous profit margins. Kick-start foodservice business career at right time will be fruitful because competition is getting intense day-by-day.

Reasons why you should invest in egg restaurant business

eggimage2To start a profitable egg restaurant business, it is critical to understand current competition landscape in the region that you’re targeting. The foodservice sector is changing dramatically due to entry of multiple brands that offer multi-cuisines in quick service restaurant format. Andeywala is one of the fastest growing omelette chains in India, to enjoy quick bites at reasonable prices it is best brand. There are reasons to invest in egg restaurant business.

  1. Demand for nutrient-based foods: Eggs are effective source of vital nutrients which are good for health. In the course of past few years, there is wide scope for egg business especially in Indian marketplace; people from all age group like to eat delicious egg based recipes.
  2. Low start-up cost: Eggs easily available anywhere around the globe at low rates, all you need to do is develop unique recipes to make customer happy and satisfied. Andeywala’s franchise model is well-established as well as investment level is low as compared to counterparts.
  3. Area:Egg restaurant can be set up in minimum area as well, moreover Andeywala has designed best model as per your requirement. The brand also provides assistance in site selection.
  4. Bright future: It goes without saying that food business will never be an unprofitable if you understand customer choice and preference and make changes accordingly. Egg restaurant segment in coming future will be at peak point as nutritious food category will rise.

How Andeywala can help you?

World is full of opportunities, it is up to you, how well you can identify best option. Indore-based egg brand is a specialized player for offering delicious egg dishes, it bring innovative concepts to standardize foodservice sector. To become boss of your own business, you can choose from wide range of egg restaurant models with investment starts from 8 to 10 lakhs.

Egg franchise face off: Andeywala Vs. rest of brands

1392325657158Consumption of fast food is exponentially rising but when it comes to nutritious foods some people go with conventional sources such as eggs. According to recent surveys, market share of nutrient-based cuisines is growing effectively for the last five years and it is also estimated that fast food joints also shift business to cater preferences and choices of people. Egg franchise chains dominate market by offering nutritious dishes in organized format. Andeywala is flagship brand in foodservice sector and is a specialized player for egg-based dishes. It generally pays attention to how the consumption pattern changes and behaviour of customer. However other brands are running after business instead of food innovations.

Broad range of business models

Andeywala has introduced various bricks & mortar and mobile business models. The food struck concept is successfully running in Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), in addition mega store concept is also on the way for grand opening. Counterparts charge high investment but don’t give guarantee of profitability.

Amazing menu

The brand has a simple viewpoint, “make it excellent”. Egg dishes prepared by using natural ingredients have delicious taste. Off course, food quality matters in this competitive world to beat counterparts.

Low investment

Within 10 lacs of amount you can start egg business. Andeywala is always committed to help franchisees to increase productivity through digital marketing and promotional campaigns.

Great brand recognition

In this global business environment, everyone wants to associate with popular brand and in return expect profitable business opportunities. Andeywala is one of the best brands in India which has gained popularity in its early stages. No doubt people around the globe always focus on latest trends, at Andeywala, consistent innovations is key growth parameter.

Future oriented

Egg dishes definitely good source of vital nutrients hence you can offer tasty egg recipes to people by joining egg franchise.