andeywala2In today’s technology-driven business environment, foodservice sector is witnessing tremendous growth. Various sub-categories such as casual dining, fast food, QSR, fine dining, etc. are flourishing phenomenally in past few years. Underlying reasons would be increased income level of middle class families, demographic profile, consumption pattern and busy lifestyle. Egg franchise is one of the fastest growing food franchise categories. In order to fulfil customer desire existing companies are shifting to nutritious food segment. India is ideal land for food business; it is largest consumer market as per latest reports. Additionally, no particular laws imposed by government on food franchise sector. Egg restaurant is come into existence to deliver stunning varieties of egg dishes. People these days like to eat high nutritious dishes that contain valuable nutrients such as vitamins, proteins & minerals.

How to start new restaurant

For inexperience people, franchising is cost-effective as well as stress-free route. For example, if anybody don’t want to handle commercial activities then FOCO(franchise owned Company operated) would be best. Now-a-days number of companies offers profitable opportunities, for instance Andeywala, an Indore based brand has exclusively focused on egg cuisines. In the same way you can also serve delicious varieties of nutritious recipes in organized format. Step by step guidance:

  • Market evaluation: It is essential to know about your target market, choices & preferences of customers& buying behaviour. For example you want to offer egg dishes but people don’t like in that particular area then it could loss of business or investment.
  • Understand competitors: To promote your egg restaurant effectively, competitors analysis will play vital role.
  • Marketing & promotion: Over past few years, mobile technology has become significant part of life. Online delivery system, digital menu & take-away are latest trends growing in foodservice market.
  • Checklist: Prepare list of things which are necessary for grand opening day.

Market growth

Indian marketplace by this time filled with numerous foodservice operators but still there is room for newcomers, according to recent reports. Consumption & production of eggs constantly increasing as people take interest in nutritious meal segment. Many of egg eater’s don’t want to visit non-vegetarian restaurants thus some brands have developed special food destinations. Market share of registered brands has been increased owing to customer demand for standard QSR (quick service restaurants). A lot of research required to bring new cuisines on dining table, consist innovations must be taken into consideration to remain competitive.


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