According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), Indian economy is growing at rapid rate and is estimated to grow at 7.2% during FY 2017-18. Development and growth is driven by consistently expansion of industries and agricultural sector. However, egg industry is also playing a vital role in national economy growth, as eggs are second most demanded proteins by Indians consumers. Normal vegetarian families in India take eggs in breakfast but typical Indians still didn’t treat eggs as vegetarian thus there are mixed reactions. It isn’t an issue because egg production and consumption is gradually paced up in last five years. Poultry production is always considered as most dynamic sectors as it is quite difficult to assume future growth. At present, India is positioned among top 5 countries with largest egg production. In Asia, Indian and China is largest contributor to global production of eggs each calendar year.
In last five years, poultry industry in India has experienced heavy investments especially by international and national investors. Moreover, government of India is also taking keen interest to provide better infrastructure facilities to farmers. Underlying factors include emerging urban population, changing consumption pattern and increased income level. Egg business is divided into organized and unorganized market share, 60% market is dominated by organized sector whereas rest falls under unorganised. Nevertheless, commercial poultry farming is still is nascent stage in states like Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kerala. The growth of industry would have been depend on demand, however, egg are consumed throughput the country from east to west and north to south. With growing demand for eggs at international market, government has taken various measures to support farmers, promote egg products in foreign lands. Price of feeders is worrying for poultry farmers; moreover, uncertainty is always a part of egg industry. But still egg producers are hoping for positive results.


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