Dramatic increase in commercial production of eggs has led to growing egg business in developing and developed countries. Mainly people living in semi-urban or rural areas are engaged in developing poultry. In India commercial poultry sector is still lacking infrastructure facility, skilled manpower and resources, people in countryside are struggling to produce better quality eggs. On the other hand poultry farming is foreign countries like America, Brazil and UK is booming. Majority of egg business owners in these countries has adopted latest technologies to save time and cost. For example, in Europe some small scale companies develop egg processing plant to check quality of eggs. They collect eggs from small, family-run farms, process it and then distribute to retailers. They are making more money with low investment, though Indian poultry farming is utilizing technologies but farmers are unable to achieve desired targets.
In order to generate more revenues it is significant to perform all activities under surveillance of experts. Prices of eggs in international market depend on how they are obtained, cage-free, battery cage and furnished cage. The poultry industry plays an important role in Indian economy hence farmers should be trained on smart ways to increases production as well as quality. Scientific techniques are used to increase productions; research is done on producing better quality feeders. All these measures are critical to make more profits through egg business. In addition, you can also start new egg restaurant for serving customers with luxurious egg dishes. At present, in some developing economies, eggs are produced on big egg ranches, artificial techniques are used to fuel egg production. There is need to shift the focus on modern trends and opportunities to expand egg industry in India, government is also focusing on providing latest equipments to farmers so that more profits can be earned.


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