Low investment and gainful egg franchise


Andeywala began commercial operations with a simple motto to deliver nutritious foods at reasonable rates. There are many significant reasons that can be attributed to progress of egg franchise in Indian marketplace over last five years. From reliable environment for start-ups, the availability of cheap manpower and no specificlaw makes India a great place to start a food franchise business. Thousands of international companies choose India for business expansion because of its huge consumer market, for example fast food brands have significantly shown great interest in establishing franchise network. Proportion of egg brands is quite low and it should be increased to fulfil demands of massive Indian population. Here are reasons why India is an ideal country for egg franchise establishment:

  1. Talented workforce: Demand of Indian professionals in various business sectors including IT, automobiles, FMCG and other segments is high in foreign countries. Indian is famous for producing talented professionals consistently in the 21st It is only country where people belong to different caste, language and traditions live together. Hence food business can be established easily because of talented workforce.
  2. Below average labour cost: Unemployment is major problem that India is facing over last few years. You can find number of people who are ready to work at minimum wage on daily or monthly basis. Food brands can minimise cost by employing cheap labours at outlets.
  3. Basic infrastructure:India is home to world-class companies in sectors such as automobile, IT, financial services and food & beverage. Expansion of major companies in Indian marketplace is contributing towards growth of foodservice industry as well. Eggs are source of valuable nutrient; most people prefer it during breakfast in form of omelette, raw, boiled or fry. Egg brand can be step up without any problem.
  4. Start-up funding: Indian government is offering financial support to start-ups. For example, the Make in India, start-up India and Digital India are helping food start-ups as well.

Do you want to start own egg franchise and craze for something extraordinary that not only make customers happy but you too. You may be passionate to open a food outlet, but there are many things that should be overlooked such as investment level, initial cash requirement, menu, pricing, and break even and business model. On the other hand, if you are thinking to own a franchised business in order to overcome challenges then you are wrong. In franchised business, franchisor provides all necessary support and guidance to start new store but it is your responsibility to generate revenue and to make customer happy and satisfied. Team handling skills, self-motivation, and patience will be required when it comes to start any form of food business anywhere around the world. Egg franchise concept is completely based on modern-day trends; in fact people want innovative dishes that give a new taste to tongue.

Andeywala – The egg franchise

When it comes to low investment and high return food franchise, there is nothing that beats Andeywala. It is newly established brand with only 3 outlets in Pan India location, although overall plan and objective make it different. A minimum investment of around 7 to 18 lakhs will be required to develop a lavish egg franchise outlet. Egg industry in India has the potential to produce high quality eggs hence business opportunities would have been flooding in the near future. The food industry is burgeoning in course of last two years due to emerging consumer demand for ready-to-serve cuisines at reasonable rates. It is to be concluded that egg franchise models will generate huge revenue and you can become boss of your own business.


Indore-based egg franchise is offering amazing egg dishes


Eggs are affordable and popular source of valuable nutrients throughout the globe. Many Indian restaurant chains have established world-class outlets to offer wide range of egg dishes, apart from this, Indians have started offering eggs to children because to vitamins and protein richness. Every country has unique food culture and different preparation technique, for example egg salad sandwich (United States), Shakshuka (North Africa), egg soufflé (France) and egg flower soup (China). In India, foodservice industry is expanding at rapid rate owing to increasing demand for highest quality foods and world-class products. In terms of production, around 60 to 70 % of eggs produced in Asian countries, in addition consumption of egg-based products and egg dishes outstandingly increasing.

Indore is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh;foodservice industry is burgeoning due to entry of various players in organized format. The evolution of egg franchise concept has been emerged due to changing preference of people and egg dishes are getting popular nowadays. Eating out culture in India is thriving effectively owing increase income level of consumers and eggs are extremely popular among children and adolescents. In the light of today’s modern-day food culture, Indian marketplace has figured as most convenient and ideal destination for establishment foodservice outlet. This immense growth can be attributed to fast growing population, globalization, urbanization, and digitalization. Moreover, technological advancement is contributing largely to egg franchise market, for example online delivery system, digital menu and digital marketing are significant part of foodservice industry.

Why to choose Andeywala

Andeywala is leading egg franchise brand which has developed customized business models and standard operating procedures. From egg omelette to quick bites, you can find large variety of eggs at Andeywala. Despite tough competition, Indian marketplace is emerged as fastest growing economies in last few years. The Indore-based egg franchise brand is created after extensive research on menu. Interestingly, Andeywala has started commercial operations in 2015 and in a short span two years, the brand has developed profitable franchise system to create better dining experience for customers. Additionally, the brand has already launched food truck at Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) which is generating whooping revenue in a calendar month. Recently outlets have been opened in Berhampur and Nanded, local people love the taste and flavourful cuisines in organized format. At Nanded, Andeywala is becoming favourite eating out place for egg lovers.

To develop a world-class brand, it is essential to pay attention to latest trends, effective marketing strategies and listen to what stakeholders are looking for. Employees, customer, investors and vendors are significant stakeholders that play significant role in growth of business. Similarly, Andeywala is promoting hygienic and quick services owing to busy lifestyle of consumers. Throughout the world, there are plenty of egg brands but India is still facing challenging in terms of infrastructure development and financial support.

In the beginning, franchisee will get proper assistance in store related activities. Initially, you need to submit franchise enquiry form to buy any of business models. Then after, location will be finalized and training of staff will be conducted parallel. It is critical to follow rules and regulations for staff members while taking training and they must pass the test as well.

Andeywala’s egg franchise is exclusively offering wide range of egg cuisines, to add more, you can customize your meal too. The whole menu is designed with an aim to make customer completely satisfied and happy. There has been around 30 to 40 % growth in Indian market registered when it comes to eating out at quick service restaurants.

Egg franchise: opportunities, trends and market growth


The food franchise has been showing tremendous growth on back of consistent consumer demand for fresh, nutritious and delicious meals. Though egg franchise is another new food franchise segment which is in nascent stage and at present competition is low as well. Unlike fast food industry, number of brands that offer egg dishes exclusively can be counted easily and it is estimated that in foreseeable urge for nutritious meals certainly encourage food operators to develop egg restaurant. Increase in consumption of eggs compelsfood retailers to change their menu with something nutrient based. Emerging sectors such as fast food and street food are burgeoning but inclination of consumers towards snacks that contains valuable nutrients is more. Most Indians prefer home-cooked foods and take enormous pride in the varieties of dishes available at home. In addition, large to medium range restaurants are offering egg dishes but customers can only order few recipes. The past one decade is good for Indian economy as foodservice industry has expanded a lot.

Market growth

With a population over 1.2 billion India is one of the biggest consumer market andeffective government support attracts international investors in various industrial sectors. India opens door to globalization that’s why number of worldwide fast food brands have penetrated local markets to expand franchise network. In case of egg franchise, lots of things needs to be addressed such as infrastructure, skilled manpower, access to essential tools and resources. Percentage of urban population has increased tremendously as compared to rural as youngsters prefer to live in urban areas. Thus egg franchise segment is beneficial and an opportunity to serve customers. For example, Andeywala’s egg restaurant plan is completely based on to give new shape to egg industry and develop organized formats where people can enjpoy delicious egg delicacies. Scrambled, boiled, poached or fried eggs available at street vendors are cost-effective but there is no hygiene. Modern-day consumers are concern for cleanliness and freshness of the cuisines as they are health conscious. At present market growth is fuelled by increase income level, globalization, and urbanization.


No doubt people are acquiring new taste and young consumers are experimental in nature. Nutritious foodservice segment remain a profitable and cost-effective opportunity for long term business. After extensive research, Andeywala has brought amazing menu on the dining table and develop low investment franchise model as well. Online delivery system and digital menu are few of the latest trends that impact foodservice market growth.


There are limitless opportunities budding in Indian marketplace. Egg franchise segment has potential to deliver tremendous growth and fruitful business opportunities. Andeywala is figured as medium-scale brand, useful to generate huge revenue as well. Like every good business,foodservice business is also profitable even inexperience people can start own venture. It goes without saying that competition in food industry is increasing day-by-day due to birth of various small and medium size enterprises. If you want to become boss of your own business, you must consider Andeywala’s egg franchise.

In this global business environment, it is critical to embrace technology and latest trends to start new business. Eating out culture in India is increasing significantly hence one must grab the best opportunity and kick-stat food business career. Andeywala is looking to appoint franchisees in different geographic location and you can apply for single unit as well as master franchise opportunities. The brand offer assistance in site selection, marketing, business plan, store step and licence. Apart from this, profit margin is around 60 – 70 %, ROI (return on investment) will be achieved within 6 months without any problem.


Hurry up! Become part of egg restaurant chain


Consumption of egg in India increased significantly in the period 2010 to 2017 and is projected that it will definitely improve in the near future. Currently, the foodservice industry is crowded with fast-casual, traditional and street vendors. The egg restaurant is different as well as profitable concept introduced by Andeywalato develop different types of egg dishes and aims to open fantastic foodservice stores. Taking advantage of India’s vast consumer base, the egg brand plans to offer franchise to individuals seeking to start own business. In terms of profitability, the egg restaurant business is best and eggs are vital source of valuable nutrient such as vitamins, proteins and minerals. Eating out culture has emerged outstandingly, consumers show great interest foods away-from-home.

Andeywala has steadily penetrated Indian marketplace with its low investment egg restaurant plans, moreover the brand is looking to expand franchise network. Benefits of egg restaurant:

  1. Easy access: Eggs are easily available in India, so basic need of the business will be fulfilled. In addition, you can access to resources and tools which can be profitable to develop luxurious store in your preferred location.
  2. Operational excellence: In this competitive business environment, it is essential to create effective systems as well as standard operating procedures. The QSR segment has evolved efficiently because global players build well-organized models.
  3. Delicious menu: Andeywala has come up with wide range of egg dishes and menu can be customized as per local taste and choice. For example, at Nanded (Maharashtra) customer enjoy yummy egg recipes such as andagoli, egg Manchurian, masala omelette, egg roll, etc.


Different ways to grow your egg restaurant


In today’s global business environment, many of us are looking to start own business but due to on-going competition, pressure and uncertainties only a few achieved their desired goals and objectives. Foodservice industry is highly vibrant, changes drastically owing to varied food habits and competition is getting intense as new brands penetrate local market consistently. With increasing demand of food franchise business, both national and international investors are looking to explore new segments such as egg restaurant. After establishing food business, only thing that strike consistently in mind is to increase sales and profitability. Today we are about to discuss various ways to enhance sales:

  1. Stay tuned to latest trends: Egg restaurants are exclusively offering egg dishes, so all marketing and promotional strategies must acknowledge salient features of restaurant. For example, social media campaign will be beneficialto create awareness about products or services. In addition, loyalty programs, discount coupons, gift cards, etc. are various promotional strategies that need to be addressed.
  2. Make planning for particular day: Every day is new; one must start with more strategic approach and give training to staff members for new programs. In food industry, one should focus on customer satisfaction as it is only way to generate revenue.
  3. Technology:In order to run egg restaurant smoothly, store manager ensure all staff members follow rules and regulations. Website should be user friendly, apart from this, mobile application will prove handy and digital menu will create effective dining experience for customers.
  4. Feedback: Taste and services will be improved when feedback from customers review efficiently. One can use online feedback system to engage with customers.

These are few ways which are cost-effective as well as easy to implement. Andeywala – the egg restaurant brand is always focusing on serving 100% natural ingredient based products.

Why 2018 could be profitable for egg franchise

ANDEYWALA2 (09,05,2018)

significant growth rate has been achieved in nutritious food segment. Demand of organic foods is increasing, consumers prefer healthy eating and spend huge amount on natural ingredients based products. Apart from processed foods, demand of nutritious eatables during breakfast, lunch and dinner is also rising. Food operators have seen significant potential in egg industry and come up with egg franchise concept to serve customers effectively. Today, Indian consumers simply want to buy products which are good in taste and fulfil needs of body. For example, eggs are important source of valuable nutrient such as vitamins, minerals and proteins and people from all age group eat poached, scrambled and fried eggs. Andeywala is leading egg brand that offers profitable and low investment models to serve customers with wide range of cuisines.

How to establish food franchise

In India, it is always difficult to build a food brand due to diverse culture. In all 29 states, you can find local cuisines that give amazing taste to tongue; in addition they prefer naturally obtained ingredients. Eggs are consumed throughout the country, easily available at reasonable rates. Andeywala is emphasised mainly on local taste and produce amazing cuisines including omelette, quick bites, and other authentic recipes. There are few steps such as location finalization, face to face meeting, vendor registration There is huge money floating around foodservice restaurants, every year, product testing, store set up and grand opening that need to be addressed. Unlike foreign countries market, India’s customer base is high and significant scope for food business establishment. In tier 2 and 3 cities, Andeywala can be a lucrative business option and it will definitely outpace regional players. If you are a food lover, do focus on what consumer demand and what they prefer.

It is essential to maintain standard operating procedures because customers are health conscious and looking forward to eat healthy cuisines. According to recent study, local food market has significant potential to expand at rapid rate to touch multi-trillion dollar. Awareness of international products among consumers ensure success, moreover consumer living in metro cities are highly educated and always demanding for innovative products. At Andeywala every dish is made of natural ingredients as well as food preparation method is standard. Recently a store in Nanded has been started successfully and is performing strongly over past few months. India is capable to deliver fantastic foodservice brands and it is home to wide range of brands as well.

Customers are hungry for egg dishes

In this global business environment, everyone wants to establish own business. Food industry is always wonderful because demands of customers are limitless. Andeywala is experimenting with existing menu to make it suitable for international market and is getting franchise enquiry. The last few months is beneficial for egg franchise brand, new outlet has been finalized in major Indian cities. Consumption and production of eggs is outstandingly enhancing, people are crazy for egg dishes such as anda goli, Sri Lankan omelette, cheese masala omelette and different varieties of rolls.

When financial crisis hit, restaurant owners don’t hesitate too much, they know people will never stop eating quality foods at reasonable rates. It goes without saying that food franchise sector is expanding rapidly, various sub-categories are fuelling owing to changing consumption pattern and increased income level. It is the right time and opportunity to start new food business in your preferred location. Additionally, Andeywala offers support to franchisees in site selection, training and staff recruitment, marketing, product research, and grand opening. Book your franchise location as soon as possible and become boss of your own business.

World’s best brand for egg dishes

Indian food is famous throughout the globe, large varieties of cuisines available especially in North, South and west parts. Foodservice market is expanding enormously owing to frequent demand of hygiene and fresh foods at competitive price. It is responsibility of food operators to cater customer’s needs and focus primarily on ingredients and services. India is considered as world’s largest consumer base that’s why international players are trying to enter through franchising. Craze for egg dishes is getting high as eggs contain vital nutrients which are good for health. In India eggs are still categorised under non-vegetarian and people belonging to many communities don’t prefer eggs. Thus before setting up an egg franchise restaurant you must collect valuable information regarding consumption of egg based products.

Andeywala – It is leading egg brand which has developed culinary cuisines while keeping cleanliness and freshness up to mark.Apart from this, franchising route is adopted to appoint franchisees in various geographic locations. Generally sold by street vendors, omelettes at Andeywala is available in different forms that definitely give new taste to your tongue. People like cheap and tasty food items offered by street vendors however hygienically they are not good. Contrast to that at Andeywala you can order Sri Lankan omelette at INR 80 which is quite low.

To open an egg franchise restaurant, investment around 7 to 20 lakhs will be required. Profit margin is high hence you can generate huge revenue in limited time period. With increasing demand of healthy foods, consumption of egg dishes is enhancing and there are untapped opportunities in tier 2 and 3 cities that need to be explored. The focus of Andeywala will be to establish effective franchise network to spread Indian style foodservice formats. Become boss of egg franchise restaurant in your preferred location in India and in global markets.

Egg franchise: new food trend in India


Food culture in India has been appreciated by people of other countries as well;in fact increasing population could be foremost reason for tremendous expansion of foodservice industry. At present, there are various sub-categories where entrepreneurs are betting such as fast food, street food, traditional cuisines and organic eatables. Demand of nutrient-based recipes in all over the worldhas encouraged food operators to change menu. Cuisines made of natural ingredients or nutrient sources preferred most by consumers during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Street food business is popular in India; nominal investment is required to set up roadside outlet, for example, there are number of vendors that offer raw, scrambled or fried eggs. The egg franchise concept is developed to promote backyard egg business to national and international marketplace. Andeywala had created base for fresh and innovative egg brand, 2 years ago. As if now, it is steadily expanding in different geographic locations.

Best dishes offer to customers

Menu of Andeywala is quite interesting and delicious; you can order wide range of internationally inspired cuisines at reasonable rates.It is categorised as:

Omelette: Cheesy Noodle omelette, Italian Omlette, Lahori Omlette and Mustard chilli omelette

Quick bites: Anda Goli, Egg Manchurian, cheese fried eggs and cheese nest

Drinks: Ice tea, Masala Lemonade, blue lagoon and Litchi rich

Rolls: Egg cheese roll, veg roll and Masala egg roll

In addition dishes can be customized by customers by choosing from various types of fillings and base. Andeywala is famous for its delicious egg recipes and high quality services. In this competitive business environment, it is necessary to implement innovative concepts and effective strategies to serve customers efficiently. With a minimum budget, you can establish egg franchise restaurant easily as Andeywala offers support in site selection, marketing, store interior design and branding.Consumption and production of egg dishes is increasing year-by-year and competition in egg franchise sector is not high so you can start new store without any problem. Indian food is a mixture of different ingredients which are locally grown; moreover people want to taste global recipes in local flavours.

Things that differentiate Andeywala

  1. Nominal investment: Investment ranges between 7 to 20 lakh are required to set up world-class store.Profit margin is high and there is no comprise in standard operating procedures that developed by company.
  2. Innovative business model: In India, not too many brands that exclusively offer egg dishes. Andeywala is top notch player which is established with a sole objective to deliver nutritious cuisines to people at competitive pricing. Food truck is running successfully at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and standard store recently launched at Nanded is offering amazing cuisines.
  3. World-class recipe: Egg dishes prepare at Andeywala is sumptuous and nothing that beats natural ingredient based omelettes.
  4. Support: As a franchisee, you can take advantage of support offer by brand. Digital marketing team is effectively working to promote store in local regions. Apart from this, auditing of store is done quarterly.

To develop egg franchise restaurant in any location across India, it is crucial to do proper research regarding store set up. If you are interested to become boss of your own business, Andeywala is best franchisor. The culture, values and mission and vision of brand is focusing mainly to bring standard foodservice formats. It goes without saying that fast food industry is burgeoning, egg franchise market is also expanding slowly. People show great interest in egg dishes and want to taste new forms in organized formats. Andeywala is looking to appoint franchisees in tier 2 and 3 cities in coming months hence it is right time to invest.


Low investment egg franchise opportunities in India


Constantly changing consumption habits and preferences of consumers has opened several profitable business options, moreover foodservice industry is crowded with plenty of small, medium and large scale enterprises. At present, Indian population stands at 1.2 billion which is enough to catch eye of international and national investors. The food franchise industry is comprised of various sub-categories including street foods, fast food, nutritious breakfast and organic foods. A challenge for food brands in India is to prepare cuisines as per consumer taste and major emphasized must be on quality.Some of the country’s famous restaurant joints are offering egg dishes exclusively, with more people demanding nutrient-based recipes; the food operators are experimenting with existing recipes in order to satisfy consumer taste buds.

Factors leading to growth of egg franchises in India

There has been number of factors that can be attributed towards on-going demand of fast food.

  1. Globalization: Global food brands have significantly entered into Indian marketplace to generate more revenues as modern-day customers willing to spend huge amount on eating-out destinations. Increasing awareness about international products among consumers is good for food industry; in fact local consumers want to embrace fast-casual restaurant culture. Egg franchise restaurants are tremendously growing in local market, at present brands like Andeywala, another broken egg and egg stop are offering wide range of egg dishes.
  2. Healthy food options: Due to busy lifestyle, it is quite difficult for people engaged in corporate job to cook food consistently at home. Eggs are best source of vital nutrients such as vitamins, proteins and minerals. A healthy breakfast during morning time would be good for health. Andeywala is leading egg brand that not only serve high quality foods but also create amazing brand value.
  3. Favourable demographics: Indian foodservice industry has shown unprecedented growth over past few years as modern-day consumers are demanding international products. India is young consumer market, once you built strong relationship with customers, it would be easy to establish store for longer time. Several US-based fast food brands have developed profitable franchise network in order to serve delicious ready-to-eat meals. On the other hand, Indian brands have come up with unique concepts to attract customers.
  4. Price sensitive: People in India are price sensitive, if you offer quality foods at affordable rates you can pull more customers in limited time period. Several food brands had to shift revenue model as customers demand for survival. Price matter the most when it comes to eating out in luxurious restaurants.
  5. Cheap manpower: Availability of cheap manpower and other valuable resources makes India an ideal location for food business establishment. As compared to foreign countries, labour laws aren’t strict in India.

If you are interested to open an egg franchise restaurant do proper research because in India some community still not consume egg based dishes. It is your responsibility to suggest ideal location to franchisors during initial stage. Andeywala is always focusing on latest trends and opportunities; it helps franchisees after grand opening. Many times companies make wrong commitments and not provide support to investors; in case of Andeywala everything is transparent. Whole process is standardized i.e. from initial stage to final set up of store operations team will help, provide guidance in branding, location finalization, design and staff recruitment. Egg franchise is profitable business opportunity and in the near future demand of egg dishes will be increased. It is estimated that Indian foodservice industry will definitely outpaced developed economies as consumers are looking for fantastic concepts and such type of attitude encourage national and international entrepreneurs to invest in local market.

Crucial ways in opening an egg franchise


The process of finding a perfect franchise can be hectic due to number of options available in market. Many people get confused, ended up with choosing a wrong brand and after sometime they have to shut down store. It is necessary to do proper research before investing in any food franchise, moreover you must check various things including menu, brand value, customer footfall, USP products, marketing strategies and achievements. Indeed, modern-day consumers want affordable, delicious and low cost foods to quench their hunger. Among all food franchises, egg franchise category is emerged as profitable and outstanding to start a new food business.

Recognise best brand

There are plenty of options available in market, you must consider following things such as your interest level, existing competition and consumer choices. On the basis of interest level you can start searching for brands, egg franchise sector is growing significantly it can be ideal concept to begin food business. Egg based products/ cuisines are in high demand nowadays thus starting food outlet to serve egg dishes is always profitable.

Investigate consumer demand

You can narrow research by finding out consumer choices and preferences. In India, people prefer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods hence it would be necessary to get target audience that shows interest in egg dishes. In addition, it is your responsibility to collect information about on-going demand of customers – whether they are interested in foods away from home. Do they frequently visit luxurious stores or order egg dishes.


Most franchise owners are worried about location. It is difficult to get a high customer footfall locationat reasonable rate, however metros and mini-metros are already crowded due to presence of large number of small, and medium and large scale enterprises. Half of the job will be done if you find best location.


Food industry is competitive so it is crucial to evaluate competition in your desired location. At present, there are few egg franchise brands that offer low investment models and they provide support in site selection as well. Most franchisors are willing to appoint franchisees throughout the country. Working with best food franchise is win-a-win situation because you can take advantage of standard operating systems developed by franchisor. Egg franchise player such as Andeywala is focusing mainly on latest trends to serve quality foods to customers, apart from this, it produce wide range of egg dishes.

Andeywala is newly established food franchise which has introduced lucrative and high profit margin models that can be replicated in tier 2 and 3 cities easily. If you are planning to invest in food industry, it is perfect brand because of world-class and customized menu and highest quality services. All franchisors pay attention to royalties and don’t support franchisees, in case of Andeywala things are different you can expect post opening support as well as company staff members visit to store for audit. You can register any kind of problem on customer management portal and run business successfully.

It goes without saying that consumption and production of egg dishes is increasing rapidlyand food brands are experimenting with menu to bring culinary cuisines on the dining tables. Andeywala is looking to appoint franchisees in Pan India location, if want to become boss of your own food business go for it. All business models are well-designed as per Indian marketplace and can be effective in global markets as well. Carefully planning and prepare yourself to penetrate local market with something exciting and outstanding. As a franchisee, you must evaluate brand value and ask for assistance in marketing and promotional activities.